Our Story

Our Philosophy

Helping to create healthy happy environments, animals and people.
They say to run a succesful business you have to be focused on the financial outcomes.
At BASE Enterprises, we put people and the planet first. You can read more about our stories and our 'why' on our blog pages. Although we know we won't be millionaires, we intend to keep our focus on honesty, integrety, listening and wellbeing. Don't get us wrong, you can't keep doing what you love if it doesn't make money, it's about balance! If you would like to strike the right balance between production, profit, health, family and environment we are ready to help.
We are happy to listen to your thoughts, aspirations and needs. We also believe that the farmer or landowner should be the one making the decisions on how they will care for their land and their animals. So we want to empower owners with knowledge and support so they can do what is best for them. If you just want a farm consultant to tell you what to do - don't call us but if you would like to have a conversation, get educated and supported to try and record things on your own property, we would love to help.
Pania has a strong background in science and a passion for learning and experimentation.
Stu is pretty good on the technology and recording side of things and loves playing with EID recording systems and getting around the countryside. He can look at your electrical job too!

Our Family

Meet The Base Team

Pania Flint

Base Enterprises owner and driver.

Pania is a registered large animal (production animals and horses) veterinarian with a particularly interest in deer and goats. The biggest reward for Pania is being able to genuinely help the people in charge of animals to solve problems, eep the animals healthy and make confident decisions. Pania has a strong interest in animal health planning to prevent disease and in parasitology. Pania grew up always having and riding horses and keeps a few paddock pets in the hope of one day getting back into it! Visit Pania's blog page to read more

Stu Corcoran


Stu has over 30 years’ experience in electrical design, installation, and repairs.

In his own words

“I have worked on everything from Grans lights in her house to wiring cow sheds and generator powered wool sheds to overhead cranes and things that go boom if you look at them wrong”

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