Thursday 10th December 2020

Its been raining a lot! Fortunately on our sand country this is a blessing at this time of year. While many of my farming friends on heavier soils are having issues with crops drowing or not being able to get onto paddocks, here everything is really starting to take off.

I pulled back the microclima to see how the cabbages and summer green broccoli are going and was pleasantly surprised.

Minimal insect damage and has kept the rabbits at bay. I dont normally bother with summer brassicas because of insect challenges but thought i would give this a go. If we do get some crawlies or suckies i plan to use diatomaceous earth.

As for these bug breeding sites - they are going to the goats

We have had plenty of feeds of potatoes now. My favourite are the Desiree. Getting then early has meant no psyllid yet so tough wood that continues through to the main crop.

Courgette plants are looking stunning and producing well after recovering from a late November frost.

And we have started to harvest cucumbers too! Yum. They are soo much crisper and sweeter than the supermarket ones. I read the radishes planted around cucumber keep diseases at bay so trying that. The radishes are tending to bolt a bit though.

Its just as well the chickens seem to like lettuce as we cant keep up with it

Succession planting carrots is going OK. Not exceptionally well but I have always struggled with carrots. Im keeping the seeds under a double layer of microclima until fully germinated and watering daily. I am sure there are better ways.

Hoping for a better crop of melons than last year and they seem to be off to a reasonable start. What happens from here with the heat loving plants will depend on what sort of summer we have.

Speaking of heat, the windbreak is doing a good job around the tomato bed and once you get down at tomato level it really feels like a warm microclimate.

Runner beans are flowering, tomatoes are taking off and starting to flower and even the capsicums are starting to come away in here.

In the corn, peas and pumpkins patch, amaranth has taken over somewhat but the corn is starting to flower and develop ears, peas are nearly ready for harvest and pumpkin is flowering and fruiting

Hope you enjoyed that little garden tour and maybe it has inspired you to get planting or keep going with what you are doing

Until next week

And watch out for my compost video in the making.


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