Pastured eggs 1 dozen

Pastured eggs 1 dozen

One box of 12 eggs from our busy pastured hens. We will always sell these by the dozen and won't sneakily reduce our box sizes to 10 or 8 while keeping the price the same!

You could spend hours just watching these girls scratch and dig, flap their wings, dustbath, chase each other for a tasty worm or just sunbathing. Our hens are purchased at 1 day old and lovingly cared for throughout their growing and laying lifetimes. They have access to the outside as soon as the weather is warm enough and even at just a few days old start scratching the ground and rolling in the sand. We never trim beaks as they have enough room that even with the odd squabble for pecking order, the birds can safely get away to another part of the paddock and do not suffer injuries. They do have the flight feathers shortened on one wing to keep them safely within their paddock. In addition to providing us with big, delicious and often double yolker eggs, the hens relish their job of preparing the ground for the next vegetable beds by cultivating the soil, fertilising the soil and removing pests such as grass grubs and spider mites. This helps us to produce spray free produce that does not require inputs of synthetic fertilisers or insecticides.

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